The Sopranos - The Paris Episode?

  1. Just wondering if that episode was the very last from last season? I can't recall....thanks!:yes:
  2. No, it was the second last one (episode #76, if this helps).
  3. Oh great Irene! Thanks so much!
  4. That's the one where Tony gave Carm a LV wallet full of $$, yes?

    DYING for them to return!!!!!!!
  5. I liked the one wear Tony gave Carmella the Hermes and pronounced it
    "Her-mies" with a strong emphasis on the H. You had to laugh at that.
  6. He also said Louis 'Voo ton.' (When he gave Carmella the wallet stuffed with Francs? . . . . Euros? . . . . French money.)
  7. Any time!:flowers:

    Swanky, I KNOW!!! WHEN are they coming back!!!:hysteric:
  8. I was watching that episode again last week. Did anyone notice when CArm and Ro were walking along a bridge (where Carmela looks around and takes in all the statues) that she was carrying an orange carrier bag? I was strining my eyes to check if it was Hermes but you could only see the top half of the bag.

    The last episode is when 'Cristofuuur; starts sleeping the realtor whom Tony almost slept with. AJ gets together with the latina clerk at the building site. (He gives away his bike to pacify some street thugs!) Phil Leotardo suffers a heart attack just before christmas.

    I think the final series will be aired around March 2007
  9. They make us wait sooo long! When was the Hermes episode I wonder? Someone thought that in the Paris one they spied Carmella with a kelly bag but only for a quick second - I didn't notice it...
  10. the "Her-meez" episode was in series 5 when tony moved back intop the family house. You don't really see much of the scarf, just that he gives it to her.
  11. I can't wait for the new season to start:yes:
    Woke up this morning, got myself a gun, mama always said you were the chosen one...:jammin: :supacool:
  12. Yes, Carmella walked out of the Hotel holding a black Kelly.:nuts: That was at the end of 76th episode.
  13. Anyone watches the reruns on A&E in the morning...I use to LOVE the Sopranos!

  14. I do sometimes...but it kills it...same for me trying to watch S&TC on E! they cut out the important parts and kill the story at times...