The Sopranos & LV

  1. Don't know if anyone watches it...but last night Carmela was going to Paris and Tony gave her an LV wallet filled with 15K in cash to have fun.
    *sigh* I wish I was married to a mobster lol:yes:
  2. i saw it. thought it was 30k? i was only half watching...dh was full watching and said 30k. the way he said it was funny though...(tony s.)"it's the real louis vootow" :rolleyes:
  3. I'd accept any wallet that had 15 grand inside for me to blow :graucho: .
  4. Caught it last night, too!!
  5. I think each stack was 5K and there were 3 of them.....I think!
  6. That was funny "here this is a REAL LOUIS VATTONE"
  7. That's why she went to Hermes!
  8. i saw 3 stacks. still...they were large stacks. i'd take the wallet too.
  9. LOL! :lol: I saw that last night, my parents watch The Sopranos. Then I saw Carmela walking around with an Hermes bag :heart:
  10. mmm wouldnt it be nice ;)
  11. YES!!! And she got a KELLY there!!!:love:
  12. Yes I saw that--that was pretty funny! Although Carmella didn't seem overly surprised--as she is pretty well taken care of by Tony!
    But I don't think the $$ and the LV goods can make up for all the cheating he does!!
  13. Yep, I saw it too. That wallet is nothing to her...she has everything. haha, I laughed when I heard him pronounce it, too. And now I've got myself thinking I want a wallet (and the money inside would be nice too):graucho:
  14. That's what buys him a conscience free BJ from a stripper! :rolleyes:
  15. C'mon!!! He has been pretty good lately!!! What's a BJ between friends!:lol: J/K!
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