The Sookie Stackhouse Novels *spoilers***

  1. Good point, hadn't thought of that... :thinking:
  2. Honestly, that is the only reason that I could think that Quinn would even be mentioned again.
  3. Me too!
    I was like hmm the Tigress only used him as a sperm bank, he remembered her birthday after all this time, yessss.
  4. Dump Eric after 8 books to bring them together. Don't want to read it!
  5. i agree i was really mad :censor::rant::mad::cursing:..All that build up ..with Eric and Sookie the last page of the book you can throw Eric under the bus and have Sookie Skip home with Sam ???:wacko::shocked::shrugs:
  6. This!!

    I also read on another message board that with her Aurora Teagarden series the heroine is a nice southern girl that does date some dangerous men (marries one) but at the end of the series ends up with the 'nice guy' that was interested in her before she got mixed up with the other guys. This guy is also the only one out of all the guys that she can have children with. So it seems as if Charlaine Harris may be following a pattern, I don't think it bodes well.
  7. Makes we want to not read the last book
  8. I agree to a point. But then you can also look at it another way. To me Eric has only been truly likable when he has been in control of his life. Since Book 8 when his area was taken over, he has lost a lot of what made him seem like a good match for Sookie. Whether is was Victor, Appius, Felipe, or now Freyda, someone has been putting pressure on Eric. And his behavior has shown that he can't handle pressure well. Look at the last book where he was punching Pam around Sookie's kitchen and he intentionally gave Sookie that painful bite.

    So you can't really say that CH has waited until the last book. She has shown Eric faltering for at least the past three books. Now, I can't say I'm a huge Sam fan. But I can see where it could happen. Sookie's interactions with Sam never stand out, but she never gets as upset or doubtful with him as she has with the other guys and they always seem to get along.
  9. ^Yes, but they are so boring together. At least we don't need to read any books with them together :sleepy:
  10. ^True, and maybe that will be CH's point. Relationships that work are not constantly full of excitement and angst. That's why I will not be surprised if Sookie and Sam don't connect until near the end of the last book. It will give Sookie the rest of the book to wrap up any vampire drama.

    I am still hopeful that CH will find a way to make it a satisfactory ending, even if it might not be the ending we would choose.
  11. I haven't read the latest book out since I've read on a lot of comments in other blogs and from other Sookie Stackhouse book fans that this book isn't worth reading.. I've always been a fan of Charlene's books... However, I will probably get it at the library instead of purchasing it since I really don't want to be disappointed by the writing.. Please I'd love to hear more input on her latest book..
    Of course I watch the show TB but I feel those are both completely separate from one another..
  12. I don't think you will be disappointed in the writing, purseprincess. I thought this story was better than the last few books and it didn't have continuity issues like a few of the earlier books had. You might be disappointed if your enjoyment of the series is tied up in the Sookie/Eric relationship. Much of the criticism I have seen on other blogs are Eric fans who are upset with the direction that romance is going. If you read the books because you want to see how Sookie's character is growing then you will probably like it fine.
  13. I agree that it's not necessarily poorly written, but it does kinda feel like the author's heart isn't in it. Even my 19 year old daughter picked up on this as we both read this series, she's having a hard time getting through it. She is also a fan of Eric and Bill being present in the storyline though so that could well by why we've both felt let down. It's one of those installments where it feels like nothing much happens until the end and just as it starts to get good where you feel riveted, it's over. We both agreed that we enjoyed the earlier books much more and maybe it is time for the author to let it go.
  14. I agree with both of bag-mania's comments above. If Sookie ends up with Sam it won't be as dramatic but it will be with a person that she can have a mature relationship with--and that may just be the point. I also agree that much of the criticism is fueled by those who are disappointed that their favorite love interest is on the outs. If you go into the book with an open mind-- interested more in sookie's development then who she ends up with you should enjoy it!
  15. The cover for the last Sookie book, Dead Ever After. I notice a tiger's tail so I suppose Quinn will be making an appearance.