The Sookie Stackhouse Novels *spoilers***

  1. Anyone who has read them or is currently reading them please feel free to come and chat about them here. :tup:

    So I'm on chapter 7 of Dead until Dark... and I've kinda lost the point as to why Sookie is mad at Bill. She says she wants a break because she's realized they'll never do all these things together...I get the break, but why is she upset with him?!
  2. I've been reading these! I've just finished the second one, but started reading something else before I started the 3rd.

    I think she was in a sense more mad at herself because she realizes they don't have a real future together. He'll never age, she will; He can't have children...stuff like that. Is that the part you were talking about??
  3. ^yep! She's so spiteful tho talking about wearing silver jewelry and stuff!
  4. ^^LOL yes, she is! She does seem a bit immature at times, doesn't she?
  5. I have 4 or 5 books so far and reading somewhere in the middle of book 3... I like the first book the most so far...
  6. Definitely. And she's made out to be completely naive.

    Samsam, all the Eric fans say number 4 is the best. lol I've yet to even meet him in the books.
  7. It figures! I don't have the 4th one yet, since I can't find it anywhere! I do have 3 and 5, though.
  8. I'm a dumb-dumb I HAVE met Eric in the books at Fangtasia... I forgot, nothing memorable yet.

    Zama, lol there might be a reason why #4 is impossible to find.
  9. BTW, there is alot more sex between Bill and Sookie in this book than in the series, they should put all the gratuitous sex scenes between them IN. lmao ...and they can cut back on everyone else's.
  10. Well some more Eric on either book 2 or 3... can't recall for sure since I have very bad memory... I'm starting to have a thing for Eric after reading a part where Bill is missing and Eric suddenly appears in Sookie's bed... keke... I like that part alot... ah, guess I have to quickly finish book 3 and read 4... but I'm also reading the 4th book of the Twilight saga... Breaking dawn... so time is tight right now... I'll try to finish up this wkend...

    Oh if anyone is looking to buy the books... last time I saw Amazon had the whole series for $35 which is an unbelievable deal... too bad I already had 4 to 5 books...
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    I misunderstood how far into the books u were... so I deleted.
  12. I just bought the boxed set and haven't started them yet, so I didn't read the thread. But I'll be back!!!!!
  13. I just finished book 1. I liked it, but actually prefer the series. I miss Tara and how Lafayette is portrayed. I do think Bill seems more attractive than the actor, but the actor has grown on me. I actually really like Sam too- I didn't like him as well in the series though w/ the Tara hookup.
  14. lol. I agree. Especially Jason's. I like him so much better in the books. The whole V addiction wasn't in Book 1, maybe it is to come though.

    I have book 2, but don't have the others. The bookstores around me don't seem to have them all. I haven't looked in a while though. The library selection for the books is terrible.
  15. ^^Are you stalking me??!! ;):roflmfao: