The 'Something Good Happened To Me/Us This Week' Thread

  1. This is the thread where you should post (at least) one good thing that happened to you or family member this week. Keep it up with some positive experiences!
  2. LMAO...UM..I lost about 5 pounds........( stomach flu....)
  3. going to the ROLLING STONES concert tonight!!! should be fun! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: kayne west is also playing, looking forward to it!
  4. it was payday this week LOL and my coveted CB red/cream pochette arrived in the mail today!
    I solved a huge stats problem with my masters thesis that has been bugging me for weeks!
  5. Uumm, I was in HK for the week, so it was a good quick getaway for me. Had such a great time there so I thought it was worth mentioning.
  6. I got a really nice bonus this week for my work on a special project.......which is great timing considering I just bought my LV AND I go on vacation in a month! :yahoo:
  7. Well I bought a LV handbag n purse and ramadan started :biggrin:
  8. Bought my first Balenciaga bag today!!!
  9. I'm moving into my first real home this week and its beautiful!!! my father who i haven't ever really seen in my life, came over today and he gave me a kiss & hug, like he was very proud of me. and he is going to help me by putting in recessed lighting!
  10. I personally raised $2,680 for Pancreatic Cancer research.
  11. today the holy month of Ramadan started :love: + its my country's national day so i got an off from work today :upsidedown: (our weekend is thursday and friday)
  12. wow i love it how theres a great # of Muslims on here!

    well as for myself,i umm...i dont know? it was just a GOOD week. :smile:
  13. my son learned hot write the letters A & a, and my hubby bought me another bag after he said no more yesterday:smile:
  14. We got a puppy last night!!! His name is Trooper and he is a Malamute. My other 2 dogs aren't so sure what's up yet. One ignores him and the other kind of growls at him. lol I hope they get used to him soon.

    Sleepy doggy today!
  15. I just made chocolate chip cookies, and am eating a warm one while I read this.