The Soho Stripe Gods continue to smile on me!

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  1. Yes! The Soho Stripe Gods are still smiling on me!!! . . .
    Some of you may remember me . . . I bought, on eBay, a very dirty (muddy even!) little soho striped tote bag that someone had taken ATVing! . . . (Of All Things!!) Anyway it cleaned up really well with a delicate soap wash and Mr Clean erasers. I'm thrilled to have this little bag 'cuz it's sooo summery! . . .But . . .the funny thing is . . .I went into my local "Value Village" today . . .and what to my wondering eyes should appear ? . . . Why, YES !!! It's the matching wallet to my little miracle bag!!! The cost you ask? . . .! . . . $2.00 ! :rolleyes:!!!!

    What's next??? (I'm hoping for the matching scarf to show up somewhere!!!)
  2. What a cute heartwarming little story you have for your bag and matching wallet, this story just gets better huh :graucho:
  3. WOW! LOL! That's awesome!
  4. $2!? Wow Congrats On A Great Find!!!!
  5. Wow!!
  6. Awww, how cool is that?!

    temo, congrats! Yay for you! :tup:
  7. WOW!! thats great.. i musy say that is by far the best deal i've heard of
  8. Incredible...lady luck is with you...go buy some lottery tickets, too!!!
  9. 2?!?!?!?! wow thats awesome and i love the colors, very spring/summer
  10. Oh my goodness the Coach god's are smiling down on you! What a great find!
  11. What?? That's insane... Crazy enough you find a Coach but a matching accessory?? :nuts:
  12. Now THAT'S a DEAL!

    Crossing fingers that you will find the scarf as well for as good a price or better!
  13. Wow! Very impressive!
  14. Great deal, the wallet is really cute.
  15. OMG! :wtf: WOW! :nuts: $2!?!!?! lol. Great find! :tup: I have the bag in your avatar & I love it! :heart: It's just so cute & when I carry it I get more compliments than I do with my LV! :yes: