The SO siblings - Do you get along with them?

  1. I'm sure i've made a few posts about my BF's siblings before. One is selfish, the others don't get it.

    I went over to my BF's place last night and his sister was there and I got the feeling that she no longer was fond of me. We were good, we had road trips together, even went away on vacation together and it was really good. They were talking about how selfish his brother was and she just said hey (in like "oh you're here") kind of tone and just totally didn't want anything else to do with me. So, I went to put my coat away and by the time I came out she had already left.

    There are meter parking all over the place and I knew that I somewhat boxed her in because the person behind her were basically taking up two spots and so it had her pushed up almost in the spot I was parking in. I wanted to let her know that if she had trouble getting out I will move my car first (but it wasn't my fault because the person behind her was the one that made it all uneven) but before I could call her to let her know that she had called my BF and basically told him (he was on speakerphone) "Yeah, so... is that her car? Yeah. She like, boxed me in. And yeah, if she doesn't move it... it'll get smashed." (in the tone that oh she's so effin' stupid).

    It was all off because my bf and I had a couple of fights before and we went on a break for a few weeks. After that, it was never the same.

    I'm just puzzled because on Friday we hung out with her and she was all fine.

    I could be totally over-analyzing it because she could've been heated from the talk about the selfish brother... but it just seemed really unlike her and cold.
  2. Wooww

    I think that you should just try to go out to lunch with her and talk to her about it..
    Like one on one time.

    My BF has 2 sisters one older and one younger and it's really hard to tell how they feel about me..
    i cant tell whether they're nice because they feel obligated to or just because.

    Maybe she jst had something on her mind
  3. Yeah that's what I thought. I didn't take it too personally... but it still bothers me. This one particular sister (he has 3 - I know tough gig) is about 13 years older than me. I don't know if lunch would go over well with her. She would just think that I was trying to 'start something' if she decides that she doesn't want to make it a big deal.

    I think i'm in the same boat as you too. It's not just the fact if they like me or not, it's are they being nice to me but secretly hate me?

    They all hate his brother's wife because she doesn't do jack all. Doesn't work, spends all the money, and expects this lifestyle and he cannot provide for her. I'm completely the opposite. I'm already saving for my own place, working really hard, going to school. Yet, I can't help but feel as though they're treating me like her.
  4. Ignore her.....if you had arguments with your boyfriend, she has probably seen her lil' bro hurt and that's why, protective instinct....but try to get on with your life, you can't please everyone . But if it really bothers you then talk about it with her.
  5. I like my DH's brother just fine but his wife...not so much. We are nice to eachother but she isn't the type I'd ever choose as a friend.
  6. I have a one year younger brother, and I always try to be nice to his girlfriends. And if I don't like them I will still be civil. But if they did something wrong to my brother, I could see myself acting like that as well. But I also understand that there is two sides to one story. So if the gf came up to me and talked one on one, I would be all ears and fair.

    Maybe when you guys were on a break he said something to her, and she is holdng that against you. The best thing would be to try and sit down one on one. Wish you luck.
  7. i've met all of my bf's siblings. he has two sisters, one older and one younger, and two brothers, also, one older and one younger, so my baby is right in the middle. i see his older sister and younger brother a lot, since he lives with those two, and i get on great with them. it's funny, because when my bf and i argue or have disputes, his sister is on MY side! :nuts: his younger brother and i joke around a lot.

    as for you, i agree with what others have said. you guys may have argued, or something, and he talked to her about it, in the heat of the moment and said things out of anger. i wouldn't worry about it, though.
  8. LOVE my dh's brother and 2 sisters!! LOVE them and their spouses :smile: i got really lucky!! :biggrin:
  9. i used not get along with one of my DH siblings, he kicked me out of his house, thats when my DH decided to move in together. But we talked about our difference and now we just respect each other , Were not buddies but now we get along better. The other brother we're close his so nice ..
  10. I agree with mellecyn. I am sure she will soon enough forgive you for getting in an argument with your boyfriend. Arguments are going to happen. Maybe she was just having a bad day (PMS much?) and was acting that way toward everyone. I can be like that sometimes. If she continues to act this way then I'd confront her.
  11. My BF has 2 brothers and 2 sisters.. I get along with all of them for the most part, one of his sisters I am particularly close to. One of them is a loose cannon and flips sometimes, but she does that to everyone, so I dont feel specifically upset. No complaints so far..
  12. BF has two sisters - one younger and one older.

    Younger just visited me for a week here in Hawaii and we totally bonded. Love her.

    Older don't talk to too much, but she's the sweetest, most naive thing on earth... walked in on BF and I doing it once and A) didn't realize what she'd done and B) spent 10 minutes telling/demonstrating new dental floss she'd just bought. ROFL.

    I guess I'm lucky. :smile:
  13. :nuts: :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  14. It was pretty amazing/horrible. We were totally naked under the covers, and she's standing right next to us... demonstrating the floss, telling us how much it cost, etc. At one point she left the room to get her receipt to see how much it was and came back to tell us...
  15. That's hilarious!! :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Well I remember when my bf and I got back together - our fights wasn't that one of us did something wrong, we just needed the space. He kept saying to his sisters "Omg. I made the biggest mistake I just want to call her so bad" and she would be the one saying "Oh you broke up for a reason, don't call her". But then again, she has never had a serious relationship... and she's nearing an age where if she doesn't do it soon, the hopes of kids are out of the question. So, she just kept telling him not to call me. Eventually we talked things through and he wanted to wait a few more weeks before we told her because he had this feeling that if he told her she'd just think of our relationship as a stupid childish relationship where we bicker and fight and then 3 days later we get back together.

    So, a few weeks went by and it was this past weekend that I had first seen her in a long time. She had blocked me on MSN about 2 months ago after our first big fight that resulted in a break up, and never unblocked me since.

    You could be right. He may have just said something out of anger, although our last 'break' both of us weren't angry, we just needed to get back on the same page. A lot of our problems really don't involve the both of us directly, it's always people around us.

    I think when things start to get back to normal (ie: I start coming around a lot again. The last few weeks they didn't see me) and it continues i'll have to talk to her. But for now, maybe she has some kind of judgment on me.

    My brother's first gf I hated, but she made him happy so I was happy. I don't understand why she can't let go of it. His other siblings seem to get back into the swing of things really quickly. I guess she doesn't understand that couples fight?