the snob/fashionphile which is better?

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  1. I am looking at buying a couple of LV bags and other things from fashionphile or the snob but I would like to know if people have had good experinces buying from these places or bad ones? also is the pictures they post online accurate of the product you're getting? I have bought purses from other online stores who don't accurately portray the purses.
  2. I've purchased from FP several times over the years. In my experience, the bags have always been better then they described, shipping was also always super fast. I've since sold all my pre loved LV's, and haven't purchased anymore as it seems their prices are close to retail now. If you see something you like and you like the price as well, I would definitely recommend FP. Good luck!!!
  3. I've recently purchased two items from FP and was really happy with both the prices and the quality. They also shipped super fast, and packaged expertly.
  4. I purchased a bag from Fashionphie and was very pleased.
  5. If you have time to wait, i think it is worth to stalk FP. They discount their bag in 1, 2 and 3 month after being posted. The discount is 10, 20 and 30%, respectively.
  6. I highly recommend FP :smile:
  7. Thank you for the advice I think I might just start stalking FP if the price goes down I would love that :smile:
  8. I have purchased from FP, and the transaction was smooth. Fast shipping, and package was very nicely packed. They also answered my email quickly when I had a question.
  9. Agreed! That's the first thing I check. I saved a little better than 33% of what I would've paid for a brand new Emp Speedy 25 after taxes. That's a big savings on this particular bag, especially for it's condition. It was seriously like new, beautiful condition and I love it. I have no info on The Snob. Regardless of where you purchase, just always have the item authenticated.
  10. you should be careful each time and judge every item to itself
  11. I got my Watercolor Speedy from FP at a decent price. Just authenticate and use Paypal to pay instead of your CC # as FP has had some issues.