The SNAD dispute process

  1. unfortunately i might be going through this and i want to understand my options and the process. based on my research and people's suggestions, it seems like these are the options:

    option #1: resolve dispute informally. how does this work? if the seller agrees to take the item back and refund my money without my filing a claim with eBay or paypal, can she get any of her fees back? what are the pros and cons of resolving a dispute informally?

    option #2: file SNAD claim with paypal. from what i've read, i file the claim with paypal (not eBay), eBay contacts the seller and she is given the opportunity to respond, then paypal makes a decision. if i lose then my last resort is

    option #3: request credit card chargeback. i understand that this is does thru my credit card company but i imagine paypal must get involved at some point. can anyone provide information on how this process works?

  2. Well, option #1 would, obviously, be the best if the person you are dealing with is definitely honest and a genuine mistake/damage in the post has taken place, because you would not have to go to the trouble of filing a dispute with Paypal. The only problem is, that many people on eBay are not honest and if you are already having a problem with the seller, through no fault of your own (or the postal service's), there is a distinct possibility that the seller is one of them. :sad:

    Option #2 may be a bit more of a hassle, but once you have filed and entered all the information and any correspondence, you know that, if you return the item (recorded, signed-for, tracked and insured) and the seller claims to have not received it/that it is not the same item/that it has been used and refuses to refund, you can add this info (and the fact that you have proof that she is lying; photos, proof of posting, proof of receipt etc.) and then escalate to a claim and all being well, Paypal should find in your favour.

    I have never had to resort to option #3, so far, touch wood, so I'm afraid I can't help you on its pros and cons, except to say that if Paypal don't come through for you, for some reason (e.g. the seller manages to convice them of her lie, somehow, or has withdrawn her funds and you aren't covered for the full amount by Paypal); it is a last resort option. :yes:
  3. but if we resolve the problem without going through ebay/paypal, the seller cannot get her fees back, right?
  4. ^
    They can get FVF if a Mutual Agreement not to complete the transactions is filed and completed...If she has agreed to provide the refund and is working with you I would complete this as a courtesy to the seller. JMO You are still able to leave feedback for the transaction.
  5. If the resolution is amicable, Option 1 is definitely the best. Once the item has been returned and refunded, the seller initiates the process in the dispute console (even though it is not really a dispute) specifying that both parties have agreed. You will be contacted by ebay to make sure you concur. Neither party gets a strike and the seller gets the fees returned. Everybody is happy. You can both still leave FB. This is commonly used by sellers who allow returns.
  6. what exactly is option N 3?
  7. I'm in Option #3 right now with a pair of dog-chewed shoes that somehow PayPal agreed that the seller was honest in their list (WTF????) that said zilch about this puppy chew toy.

    I filed an eDispute directly with my credit card through their website. They have given me a temporary credit for the amount I paid while they resolve the issue. My credit card company took any information I could fax/email to them. I sent them photographs of the shoes, the eBay listing, the PayPal receipt and a letter. They received all 11 pages. They called me the other day asking if I had mailed the shoes back to PayPal. PayPal has a Chargeback/Returns department for this purpose!!! So what I'm doing is mailing the shoes to PayPal, which will help my credit card company argue the case on my behalf. If and when Chase gets my money back from PayPal, PayPal then has to return the shoes to the lying seller. All I have to do is keep a receipt showing that I mailed the shoes back to PayPal. I'm hoping that with PayPal having the items in their hands they'll realize that the seller LIED about the condition of the shoes and that they were freakin' wrong to agree with the seller during my SNAD dispute.
  8. ^ I forgot to mention..I asked my credit card company if they're used to having to deal with chargebacks with PayPal (as the merchandise really belongs to the sellers) and they said "Yes." I've gotten more support from my credit card company over the issue than PayPal.
  9. so the seller is now ignoring me -- seems like option #1 is out. on to option #2. the problem with the bag i bought is it smells like cigarettes and something strong and perfumy used to cover it up -- does anyone have any idea if i have a chance of prevailing? at what point do i return the item -- only after paypal finds in my favor?
  10. if paypal is going to be helpful, doesn't it make more sense to do a charge back immediately -- what are the cons of doing that?
  11. kicksarefortwids, call PayPal and see if they want you to return the item directly to the seller or not while your issue is being resolved. The last thing you want to be is out of the bag and out of your money!

    In my situation with the chargeback, I sent the item (this morning) directly to PayPal's Chargeback Department. I called up Chase and told them the tracking number and that I shipped it USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation and insurance. The guy on the phone told me to keep all three and he noted it in my case with them.

    I went into my PayPal account and it had an open dispute with the reason of "Chargeback." The text I saw is that they're dealing directly with my credit card company, but did send an email to the seller which I assume is to get her story full of lies that she said the first time around. With their Chargeback department getting my shoes in 2 - 3 days, somehow I think I'll have less problems this time. And Chase isn't going to let PayPal ignore them either. I've found that the department I'm dealing with at Chase is the only one where someone answers within the first two rings without any voice-automated system. I think they take this stuff very seriously.

    I included with the shoes a letter saying how disappointed I was with PayPal's obvious lack of any real buyer protection from lying sellers.

    kicksarefortwids, I don't see any con of doing a chargeback immediately when you're not satisfied with something. That's just me though. I wish I had done this the first time around and it hadn't dragged out this long!