The smell of vintage!

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  1. I have seen a few threads where people ask how to get the 'old smell' out of their vintage LV.
    I personally love the smell of vintage. Not like, an all-encompassing, 5 foot sillage cloud of mold and moth balls, but I do like to open my bag and get a little bit of that 'vintage' smell. It makes it seem more legit to me and reminds me that this bag is 25+ years old... from a different era. Am I crazy?!?!?!! Am I the only fan??
  2. no you're not the only fan XD *raises hand* me too
  3. HELP!! I can't start a thread because I'm brand new to the site..... I just purchased a batignolles from Hong Kong and it smells horribly musty. I'm on the verge of sending it back after trying "fridge-it", which the seller suggested. Will this smell ever come out? It's not only the inside but OUTSIDE too!
  4. I too love the vintage smell but I also love the new bag smell! I'm a lil addicted to it! Whenever I switch into another bag I always smell it before i put all my things inside :blush: so embarrassing my bf thinks I'm nuts lol
  5. Just curious... How old the bag should be to be called vintage?
  6. You are most definitely not alone. I love vintage Chanels and the smell that goes with them. And as a previous poster stated I also enjoy new purse smells. Guess I'm a chronic sniffer. LOL
  7. Sorry that should have been vintage LV. Do love vintage Chanels as well.
  8. just use baking soda, coffe or buying lmb candle/candies (forgot the first or second is right).