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  1. I'm kind of short, but I :heart: the trend of big bags. But has it gone to far? My bags are getting bigger and bigger, such that I won't even look at the small ones any more. I don't even carry that much stuff, so my bags are 80% empty. I stuff them w/ tissue paper and put my stuff on top so that they look fuller. I think I have become a crazy lady.

    Does anyone else like big bags? How big is too big?
  2. How funny, LOL. I don't think you've become a crazy lady... big bags are definitely still hot. How big are the bags you carry?
  3. I don't really carry much in my bags, but even bags like the JC Riki is a tight squeeze for me. I am only 5 1' and am on the smaller size, but I could never carry clutches:sad: My wallet is to big for a clutch. To me the Ramona is a great size.:wlae:
  4. I'm 5'2" and 94 pounds and I love big bags. They're all I carry! I carry my whole life around with me though, but still, if you're crazy, I'm right there with you. :p I don't even think I look right carrying small bags. :shrugs:

  5. Wait, you stuff yoru bags with tissue paper and then put your things in?

    That seems a bit unnecessary.

    I'm short and also use big bags, though.
  6. i love big handbags
  7. I love big bags and I 5"3".
  8. Im not short, Im 5'8'' but Im small...140lbs. Anyway...I love big bags, even thought my mother in law thinks I look funny. Oh well! haha.
  9. I love big bags too. They're all I carry pretty much.
  10. I adore big bags, however, I think this bag (by Marc Jacobs) is too big. So I guess that's my limit. :smile:
  11. ^^wow, that's huge :wtf: too huge for my taste.
  12. I don't really like big bags because I'm not really organized when it comes to "insides" of my handbag. Hehe! I remember back in college, my classmate used to fix the insides of my handbag because I don't care how messy it is inside! That is why I prefer medium size handbags, despite of the trend!
  13. I used to love love love big bags too, I love how I can carry a lot of stuff in it, but then it's true my bag was never full and not forgetting how heavy it's getting as I put more unnecessary things in it, and it's making my shoulders ache (does anyone else have this problem?), anyway I'm going back to small-medium sized bags, I know big bags are still in, but I think I've had enough time with it.

    I think as long as it's not 'bigger' than you, and as long as it's not making ur shoulders ache, that's probably about right...
  14. They vary, but approximately... at least the size of my torso? Lol, that sounds strange, but largely accurate. My friends kind of tease me about it, though. I have a big Goyard tote and everyone I know just says "hey that a big bag", and they never comment on the actual style or color, just the size...

    Some people just don't get it... to me bags are like functional art, and I'm liking my canvas big :p
    I'm so glad there's others like me! :smile:
  15. I can relate... lately I've been choosing bags that are made of lightweight material, so that it balances out the size issues. Thanks 4 that tip!