The Small Tulum Pochette Is In!

  1. :P Just got a call from my LV SA..the small tulum pochette..its like 220 ish..i FINALLY in..I want to attach it to my tulum....very cute..I will be picking it up in a few days..will post pics........I know some of you were interested in I wanted to let you know it finally arrived in stores!( its about the size of a cell phone)
  2. YAY, Jill!!! It looks really cute in the pics!!!:biggrin:
  3. We posted yesterday that it came SA said it is too small to hold anything except some credit cards.
  4. ^ thanks..must of missed that post! It is pretty small and it depends on what kind of cell you have to fit it in...
  5. I Can't Wait To See in Person!
  6. I bet it's gorgeous! Thanks for the heads up!
  7. What is it used for? Does the pochette have a pochette? When does it stop??? LOL.
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