The small poppy

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  1. Hiya

    I was wondering if Mulberry still make the small size poppy. If not do you know if there is any chance of getting one at shepton? I really love the size/style of it.

    I do like this forum but I do have one problem now...I want too many styles of bag!!!:nuts:
  2. I'm pretty sure they are at the Outlets.
    I love my little orange one (my boys call it my pumpkin bag)
  3. Can I also ask if some people are talking about mini poppies and also small....are the small and mini the same size or is it two different sizes.

    Also does anyone have an approximate price on the small poppies from an outlet

    Thank you rachiem
  4. Yes, I believe both are the same. I think they were around £250 or just under
  5. tell me about it!!!
  6. They had some at bicester the other day. Phone the outlets!!!
  7. Oh Bexi - I feel your pain! This forum is so fab but sooo enabling!!
  8. ^^Agree, glad I found you - my creditcard is not so happy, though.

    And, the original RRP was £ the sales in January they were sold for£247, I think.
  9. There are a couple on ebay right now as well :yes:
  10. Hi Bexiboo
    I definitely saw them in yellow & orange colourways at Bicester on Sunday - possibly other colours too
  11. Yeah at Bicester they had Orange, Yellow and Chocolate ones. I can't remember the prices I'm afraid but they had about 3 of each colour. I suggest you phone the outlets tomorrow (they would have probably had deliveries today as well).