The small but important things!

  1. I'm just curious! This might be a good reference for small Hermes leather accessories, if there isn't already one :shame:

    What do you think the best, most useful Hermes leather accessories to go inside of a purse are? :yes:

    I'm gathering a list of small accessories that I'd like to purchase, and aside from a wallet, I know I would like a piccolo case for my pens, and a key holder so that my keys do not scratch anything in my bag,

    Also, what are the names of good pieces to keep small papers/spare cards in, something to keep extras in (small bottle of lotion, hand sanitizer, etc.), and are there any coin purses worth their price, or alternatives to them? :smile: Photos and pricing are always a plus!!! :nuts:
  2. Neeya, the GM agenda works very well for me. I have one that is open at the sides and is roughly 4x5.5", and it holds my agenda, and I have stamps tucked in there as well. I have another one that zips and is a bit larger around, and it holds a pad of plain paper, it has slots for business cards (mine and other people's), and I have 3x5 cards tucked in the pockets. The zip one has a slot for a pencil, but I have an antique silver pencil tucked in there.

    Btw, I LOVE the piccolo! It holds a large pen and two lipsticks. When I bought it I was thinking only of pens, but one day quite by happenstance I tucked a lipstick in there, and it was an amazing thing - lipstick was the one thing I always lost at the bottom of my purse, and now I always know where one is. In fact, I'm thinking of getting another piccolo...

    isus, LOVE that picture frame!
  3. I have a GM agenda and a clarisse GM which is great as a slim make-up bag.
    g3.jpg KOP4a.jpg
  4. Rose, I think the Clarisse GM is just what I've been looking for. May I ask what the price is? Thanks!!

  5. Gosh, I can't remember. I am not at home at the moment, but will dig the receipt out and find out for you later. The clarisse is great. I even found a comb that slots snugly into the outside pocket!
  6. Jag and I are working on new reference threads and one will be accessories. Just give us a little more time. Thank you.
  7. I would love to see pix of that pencil case! I am a huge accessories girl, I will spend a buttload on them it seems.
  8. This is a great idea for a thread. I am just starting out in my Hermes collection, and the small leather goods help tide me over until I am lucky enough to find the right bag for me. Thanks for posting this! I don't know any of the names of them - I'm a new member, but I die for Hermes :heart:
  9. Donna, here's an old picture of my rose shocking piccolo pencil case in chevre mysore, with my other stuff.
    mrs s rainbow colours.jpg
  10. Kellybag and Jag - a reference thread for accessories will be terrific. Thanks!
  11. LOVE that piccolo!!! :biggrin:
  12. Neeya, you might like a Karo case to use as a makeup bag and to put extras in, too. :smile:

  13. Hello and welcome DiamondsNPearls. Love your avatar BTW :drool: :drool: :drool:
  14. Great thread, Neeya! Accessories are so much fun! Welcome diamondsNpearls!