The slippery slope claims another victim! My little collection ...

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  1. And I blame all of you!! LOL :P

    It's a 5-hour-ish drive to the nearest H store (Chicago) so I have to rely on the Internet for my fix ... So I want to thank lovely64, Bababebi, Docride and all the ladies on the "Please help me find" thread for making my entry into the H world welcoming and amazing!

    My first purchase was a red KDT with PHW ...

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  2. Of course it needed a friend ... My black Hapi bracelet (I am so bad with names!)

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  3. I was looking for a black Trim. I ended up accidentally winning one on eBay (accidentally because I was bidding on a yucky one just to see what the high bid was). But it turned out to be authentic (thanks, bababebi!) and I rehabbed it with Docride's helpful hints ... The before was not pretty ... But here's my black box Trim now ...

    (P.S. I am also the world's worst photographer!)

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  4. Dang, why is that pic of the Trim sideways??

    Anyway, next up is my only Twilly bought on ... I think it is called Graff. But it won't be my last!!!

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  5. Oh, and I managed to snag a Massai in Clemance ... This is seriously the nicest leather I have ever felt!!!

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  6. Fortunately for me, the B and K bug haven't bitten me yet. My dream bag was an all leather Garden Party. I wanted a "fun" color but as soon as I opened this I knew it was the one for me! Here's my Cassis beauty!

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  7. Great H purchases. Love the garden party, the colour is beautiful :smile:
  8. Why are my pics sideways???

    Anyway, I have one more grail item on its way to me ... A scarf that I can't wait to get!

    But now I have to put myself on a ban and save some pennies (though I am already fantasizing about an Evelyne in a pink or green color and something in etoupe!!).

    You ladies are fabulous, wonderful enablers!! :biggrin:
  9. LOL!! Congrats on your purchases!!!

    Welcome to the world of H obsession. Mine started 7 months ago with a scarf purchase while vacationing in Paris. By December, I sold every other non H bag I owned (except for LV) and bought more scarves, multiple vintage bags (more than 5 but less than 10 and I sold an H bag too) scarf rings, gloves and have now moved on to accessories. Thankfully, I'm not into jewelry or I would have a field day purchasing bracelets! I'm putting myself on ban island, but not until I get a wallet and the HG bag that I've been dreaming of.

    It is so addicting but so much fun!!! Enjoy!
  10. Congrats on your lovely purchases! It is a very slippery slippery H slope!!!
  11. This is beautiful! Love the color..
  12. Ha ... It makes me think back to the first Coach bag I bought at the outlet that was $50. I couldn't believe I spent that much on a bag. DH asked how much the GP was ... I just said "less than you've spent on electronics this year." Shut him up quick! LOL
  13. Me too told DH at discounted price for my bags😆
  14. Nice reply! My DH also has expensive hobbies so he knows better than to say anything. Thankfully, he knows nothing about Hermes so he is literally clueless. He wouldn't recognize an H bag if it bit him on the nose!
  15. oooo casis i have a beautiful bag in that color and the trim is just amazing simply stunning enjoy in the best of health darling !!!!!!