The Sling, How do you use it?

  1. I saw a picture of a sling in a different thread, and it got me thinking about getting one (not in the very near future though as there are no Hermes in my country). Have you got one? Do you like it? And most importantly; what will it fit? I'm not sure what I would use it for and from the pictureI saw I coulden't figure out the size at all. I looked like it was pretty small though, so I though it could be good as a clubbing bag, like my pochette melville?
  2. Ohh, can you link the thread? I'm not sure what bag you're talking about....
  3. Ohh - you will LOVE an Evelyn!!!!!!!!!!

    SUCH a great, versatile bag...they come in a few sizes, a TPM (v.small), PM (my preferred size), and a GM (bigger in width from what I remember). You can wear it as a messanger, or sling style, or you can shorten the strap and wear it as a regular shoulder bag.....and they come in such great colours!

    I'll try and find the exact dimensions for you.....
  4. Thanks! There's really no info on the website -_- and with the nearest Hermes so far off it's almost impossible to find out anything. That's why I :heart: tpf though!
  5. I have the TGM size and am loving how easy it is to use...go for it if you can...
  6. Lib - if you look in the Members Reference Section, there should be more pics of the Evelyn.
  7. Thank you for you help. :yes:

    Yeah, I think I*d need a longer strap, or it would be a bit too "pursy". I'll definetly pick one up the next time I go somewhere with Hermes. :yahoo:
  8. ^ It's a great bag and very chic!