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  1. I love looking at everyone's SLG's! It gives me a good idea of what prints go together, and what goodies I want to purchase next.

    Show us your SLG collection!!! :biggrin:[/CENTER]​
  2. Am i first? So these are mine small collection

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  3. I love your SLG's! I need to take an updated family picture before I post ;)
  4. Love SLG's and accessories!!!! Here's mine!

    Scarfs/bandeaus first!

    Zippy wallet and my mini's!

    My Vernis girls!

    Lastly but not least -- my charms!
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  5. Here's mine:

    Attached Files:

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  6. Here are 2 of my newest SLG's, my multicolor loves :smile:

    Attached Files:

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  7. I only have two. I would like to add much more :P

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  8. Love the Pomme! How is your key pouch holding up?
  9. It's awesome I love it and its a great size!!! I've only had it a couple weeks but its perfect. I've had the cosmetic case longer and it too still looks new!
  10. I went back and forth with them too! Then when I went to get them they were out and only a few left in the company I guess they are hard to find? My SA had to order both of the new denim ones in for me. The blue one looks so good with Azur! You definitely should get it again!
  11. Thanks! I'm thinking either the amarante or Indian rose
  12. Amarante is my favorite I find the color goes so well with anything!! Looks great in my mono, ebene, Azur and Mordore mahina bags!!!
  13. I am going to LV Saturday and am hoping to look at the different colors, I've read about the zipper pull turning a different color or wearing off. Makes me a little nervous but it's just so pretty!