The Size (PM, MM, GM) Club

  1. Here's a thread to post different sized LVs (i.e. PM, GM, MM, etc.). Please post pics and let us know the size :smile:
  2. I'm in:yahoo: :yahoo: and here's my MANHATTAN PM:love: :love:
  3. Here are my Suhali L'Epanoui GM and Manhattan PM. I'll be adding another PM soon :graucho::devil:


    l'epanoui gm 002.jpg manhattan pm 008.jpg
  4. Lodge PM
    Hudson PM
    lodgePM.jpg HudsonPM.jpg hudson und lodge.jpg
  5. Love the Lodge Ger (I have black) the manhattan sandra!
  6. Manhattan GM, Alma MM and PM and Ellipse PM:
    manhattam GM.JPG graffitialmashq.jpg ellipsePM.jpg
  7. Here is my Reade PM in Fuschia!
    fr9.jpg fr1.jpg
  8. Pochette Croissant (AKA Croissant in PM):

  9. Vive Cite MM
    Biscayne Bay GM
    Ellipse PM
  10. I love your Biscayne Bay.
  11. Thanks!! I LOVE carrying it..and the red is the perfect candy apple red..very eye catching! :love:
  12. Globe Cabas PM
  13. manhattan PM :heart:
    DSC03387.JPG DSC03390.JPG
  14. antigua cabas MM:

  15. Damier Ipanema PM: