The situation in Kenya

  1. this really disturbs me, that a continent as beautiful Africa is constantly plagued with people who dont get along for ridiculous reasons!
  2. I cried when I saw the disturbing pictures of the dead babies/children stacked on the shelves in the freezer. God bless those innocent and helpless children :crybaby:. I'm just speechless....
  3. I had been reading about it for a few days but it didn't really hit home until seeing the pics....
  4. It is really sad. There has not been the tribal divisions for quite some time that we are seeing now. Kenya was a model country, in regards to the economy, stability and the like, since getting on its feet after gaining independence in the 60's. There is a good deal of instability in East African countries and Kenya was a step ahead of the game. I hope that Odinga and Kibaki can deal with this- the tribal violence needs to stop- so many innocent are being killed. It is kind of reminiscent of Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe.

    I agree, the pictures really do put it into perspective too.
  5. Do you know what makes me IRATE, however?

    I have a friend in the Peace Corp in Kenya *right now.* And guess what the Peace Corp members are doing? Oh -- wait -- they're at an all-inclusive RESORT somewhere nearby (I can PM you the city if you're curious)!!! They were moved there out of fear for their security. Sorry, I know the Peace Corp is not the army, but they should have stayed to do what they could, in my opinion. If you sign up to help people, for God's sake, help them. Plus, I am not exactly thrilled that my tax dollars are going towards somebody's stay at an all-inclusive resort.

    Sorry to get off topic.
  6. I have to disagree with you here. People join the Peace Corps to help people, not to risk their own lives in a political uprising. Most people I've known in the Peace Corps were operating on a shoestring budget and are in no way trained or prepared to face an angry mob.
  7. ^ Were they in Nairobi? When you say all inclusive resort Mombasa and/or Rift Valley comes to mind, but those areas are having problems too, but Nairobi seems to be another world right now...
  8. I understand what you mean. As I said, I realize it's not the army... not at all would I want to put my friend's life at risk or his friends in the Peace Corp.

    However, as I understand it, the Peace Corp often goes to volatile areas of the world: hence why they're such a well-respect organization. And very often, even those in the hosting country understanding that harming aid workers is pointless and stupid. I don't know exactly how wide-spread the violence is in Kenya (I don't own a television so I haven't seen any images, only read some news articles).

    I guess personal experience comes into forming my opinion. While the people you know who join the Peace Corps operate on a shoestring budget, the people I know (including this guy) who join the Peace Corp are ivy-league grads hoping to delay reality for a little while... but whatever their motivation, it's good that they're helping people.

    I hope somebody, somewhere, will help the people in Kenya who need help.
  9. ^^^
    Sorry, I apologize, I don't mean to hijack this thread. I'll stay on topic from now on.
  10. Why did I have to look at the pictures of the children.

    This is so horrible. I don't even know what to say.
  11. Please be aware that some of the images in the link above may be disturbing.
  12. One of my best friends married a Kenyan girl and she left her family about a year ago to live in the Netherlands and she really is in fear of her family... I'm so with her and the people there...
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  14. Thats ok shasha, no problem! :tup: