The Sisterhood of the Traveling Edith Bags

  1. Once upon a time Chloe released 8 brand new handcrafted Edith bags in the USA. A medium and a large in grey, chamois, whiskey and chocolate colors. All of the USA Chloe retailers were linked into one central database. Long waiting lists and record setting long distance phone calls accompanied the Edith frenzy.

    The women had very high expectation levels about their Edith bags. If the degree of slumpiness, wrinkles, distressing and suppleness of their coveted Edith bag wasn't to their standards (beat-up enough), they returned it. Each bag was re-sold and re-returned about 250 times. Packaging, handling, shipping and return shipping resulted in the fine-aging of each bag until it finally met its ultimate owner, where it remained tucked away in its sleeper and taken out for photos and hugs every now and then.

    When all 8 bags found their homes, Chloe released 8 more brand new bags to the USA and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Edith Bags continues. THE END
  2. :lol: :lol: :lol: That's too cute!!! I like the part about all the returns....sounds like me in my pursuit to find THE "perfect" one!
  3. :lol: Aha, you uncovered the Chloe company secret! (in collusion with NM/BG, FedEx, VISA/MC/AMEX and AT&T!!) Each bag should have a previous owner tag - kind of like checking off the cleaning of the public restrooms.... so we can see where each bag has been. The holy grail of Edith continues!
  4. Wait a minute... are these 8 bags total for the US or to one store? Why so few? Are these that rare? I have a grey one that I still haven't even taken out because I can't decide whether or not to keep her. I don't want to have the same angst I did with the whiskey.
  5. Oh My, that means there are only 7 in circulation right now :nuts:
  6. ^^^ I clearly have Edith Angst! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. Lol! Cute tale!! And true:blink::lol:.
  8. :nuts: I Love It!!!!!!
  9. Kheke, that's funny.
  10. Fabulous bedtime story! I would love to see an Edith just sitting on display at Nordy's and watch women react to it.