The Singing Bee (Tonight, NBC 9:30)

  1. Hosted by Joey Fatone.

    It's like karaoke in reverse. A song is going to be played. When the music stops, a contestant has to finish the song. They don't have to be good, they just have to sing the correct words.

    And if they do, they win a cash prize.
  2. I got Venus and Losing My Religion wrong.
  3. I would be really good at this. I wish I could be a contestant.
  4. I found myself singing back to the TV.
  5. I got Venus wrong too!! I got Losing My Religion but I also missed Sweet Home Alabama and Walk Like an Egyptian. I was happy for the guy who won since he's a 4th grade teacher just like me. :tup:

    I thought this show was really fun!! I sang with the television too Caitlin!! :p
  6. I watched it last night. I think it's a fun fun show. I like that they play older songs...:tup:
  7. Tonight, Fox airs their version, "Don't Forget the Lyrics" at 9:30. It's a different format of the show, but it's pretty much the same thing: Contestants have to correctly fill in the rest of the song.

    On this version, contestants get to pick the songs. After each correct answer, they get to decide whether they want to stay and play or take the money and run.

    If they get ten songs right, they get a million dollars.

    You know, my immediate problem with this format is that it's almost a copy of NBC's version. Also, it's not as interesting if they get to choose. I like the surprise factor of not knowing which song is coming up next.

    I'll check it out, though.
  8. Just saw it - love it!
  9. fox seems to copy a lot of their shows from other tv stations
  10. I NEED TO GET ON THIS SHOW!!!! :tup:
  11. what time and day do don't forget the lyrics and the singing bee air?
  12. NBC's The Singing Bee airs Tuesday after America's Got Talent. (I believe 9:30).

    And I think FOX's Don't Forget the Lyrics airs on Thursdays after Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? (so I guess that would be 9:00).
  13. thanks! :smile:
  14. Celebrate good times, come on!
  15. I love playing along to this and I don't get whole phrases wrong, I just miss one or two words.