~~ The Singaporean LVoe Club ~~

  1. Good morning Singapore!! :sunshine::ghi5:

    It's a sunny day and wish everyone have a nice Friday!! :biggrin:

    Let's share some Cruise Collection pictures, it's from the Cruise Catalog.. ;)
    C1.jpg C2.jpg C4.jpg C5.jpg C6.jpg
  2. Here's the RED... CB, you hear me... :graucho:
    C3.jpg C7.jpg
  3. Good morning everyone!! :lol:

    Thank you LT for the pics.
  4. I am supposed to be on bag ban but i must say it's getting hard with more pics of thechantilly....there's something about it having the luggage tag that is driving me mad for it.......thanks for the pics LT!!
  5. Morning! I need a turquoise!

    How about sharing dentelle here, Lt?
  6. Yahoo... Logging in... I come back later :p
  7. Hi everyone! :biggrin:

    Here's some new launch..

    The Elec. Epi Sevigne PM VS Epi Sevigne GM.. ;)

  8. The Pochette Dentelle Noir.. :love:

  9. Rayure Petit Noe VS Electric Epi Sevigne PM... ;)

  10. Is there epi sevigne MM? I forgot...
  11. Oh gosh......you all know how I am weak when it comes to clutches!!....when is this going to b available?????
  12. Nope, Epi Sevigne only come with PM & GM.. Too bad.. :sad:
  13. Deem, it's already launch and very good price! ;)
  14. Deem, knew u would love this! It has a wrist band too. I can't wait to see this when I get back too!

    Price? I am converting from sgd, would be about usd1300.
  15. Ooooo, I like this one! :drool: