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  1. Good morning guys! We move to the new home again.. :p
  2. Hello everyone!!!

    Just so let you know that there's a new mono bag coming out in June!

  3. Wow! New mono bag! :nuts: Thanks Jenny! :biggrin:
  4. Thanks J, look forward to the pic.
  5. LT: I just saw the reveal of verona. Am very surprised...I think it looks like a more curvy lockit and it is actually quite pretty (to me) from the pics.

    J: Ooo something interesting?

    p.s. Lol I just realised this is a new thread new house... :nuts::yahoo:
  6. LT, saw the verona. quite nice, curvy as CB said ^^. Nice bag for work.

    J, so curious how that new mono bag gonna look like.

    Did someone say there's price reduction for some bags? which one :nuts:
  7. princess I wonder which ones too!

    Has anyone seen or plan on getting the new farandole bracelets?
  8. Thanks CB & Princess, i think tomorrow or next week need to find some time to try the Verona..
    Suprisely it's look not bad as a working bag.. ;)

    It's a busy weekend for me and next Wed i need some "relax therapy".. :p
  9. Ooo Lt are you getting the verona? I really find the MM size cute in the reveal :p
  10. Not sure yet, need to try the bag 1st.
    I'm comparing the Romance & Verona MM, both sizes almost the same..

    Don't know which one better, how u think? ;)
  11. I have only seen modeling pics of the verona MM. if for work, I think verona MM is nicer.

    Romance is more casual.
  12. Hmm, that's truth.. Btw, Romance increase price to $1990.. :sad:
    Hopefully tomorrow i have some time to try the bag, if not need to wait for next Wed/ Thu liao..
  13. Harh? I thought there was a decrease in price? What was the price before?

    Are you looking for work bag or casual bag?

    btw can do me a favour: take a picture of your denim cabby feets for me to see?

  14. I am dead beat.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.