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  1. hi ladies. im first to post!:biggrin:

    i read about irene in another thread. its NICE!:nuts:
  2. I'm 2nd, hee... :p
  3. LV Bags Lover,

    Thanks for recommending the polish. It looks like a piece of cloth. Where can I buy it? How muchie? Can use for silver jewellery?
  4. angel, are you the one who asked me what did i use to polish my marilyn hardware? :thinking:
  5. ismelulu,

    Yes yes yes, get the roxbury! Haha.... its a lovely bag! If only the Azur NF is available now, haiz...
  6. Yes yes, its me!

  7. ITA! But the price, oh my... :sweatdrop:

  8. lol...:biggrin: i asked you about the polishing cloth matter after you posted.:smile:

    yah, its a piece of cloth. its meant to polish gold jewellery but i tried on the lv hardware and it does a wonderful job! :yahoo:

    frankly speaking, i dont know where to buy bcos i got it for FREE when i subscribed for the solitaire magazine. you can buy it from online. it isnt expensive i guess. if you want to polish your silver jewellery then you must get the cloth which meant to polish sliver. there're 2 types of cloth (for gold or for silver). :graucho:
  9. i just text my SA and i was told the irene is sgd4020. its cheaper than my bowling mono etoile (which is sgd4680)!!!:nuts:
  10. wow, a new thread already?
  11. evalv, that time we attended the event held at ngee ann city lv. remember? i asked my SA which magazine the photos are going to be published and i was told its in style magazine. but i missed that issue! :smile:

    oh yah. btw, i already got the lv catelogue liao when i bought my mc koala wallet. initially, my SA told me out of stock but after that he went to hunt for me one. finally, i got it! lol... :biggrin:
  12. Lolzz... for my speedy lock, I used a cream meant for polishing... works fine too, but dare not try it out on my denim pleaty gold hardware. :p

    Silly me, I thought that cloth is meant for polishing sliver ones. So its two different cloth, hahaha....

  13. outside the packaging, they got state whether its meant for gold or silver mah. since lv hardwares are usually gold so i used the gold cloth. i dont dare to use the silver cloth. afraid the color may change. lol. :biggrin:

    i dont like to use cream to polish. it can be a mess! cloth is better. :p
  14. aiyah, i just use brasso to clean my speedy's lock and key, it will turn to shiny gold after that!
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