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  1. :lol: Thanks BagAngel, we girls NON-STOP typing.. LOL
  2. Congrats girls!!

    LVBagsLover - Nice Roses NF, i love the pink lining too !!!

    arayanna_a - Nice wallet !
  3. hey ladies!!! woah i thought the SG club got closed down cos one of us broke some rules or something! phew!

    anyway...i've not logged in here like 3 weeks! bet no one noticed right? on and off i read few posts. Have not bought anything new this year :crybaby:my DH keep reminding recession $$$!

    To my chinese gal frens here, i just wanna wish Happy ''new'' year. Have a blast! (eh, issit too early to say Gong Xi Fa Cai?)

  4. Morning princessqaisara!

    Happy ''new'' year & Gong Xi Fa Cai to you too!

    We're already count down for CNY, another 3 more days for 1st day of CNY!! :yahoo:
  5. NO ONE broke the rules lah, just we "talk" too much till 630 pages!!!! :wtf:

    So, we start a NEW page again! :wlae:
  6. Good morning all! We have a new thread! Yay!
  7. Congrats on your Rose NF, LV Bags Lover! :smile:

    BTW, when you were at the LV boutique yesterday, did you enquire with your SA about the probable delay of the Graffiti Neverfull till March 2009? I just got to know from a fellow TPFer from Hawaii that her SA had told her that the release of the Graffiti Speedy will be postponed till March as well! This sure is getting to be frustrating! :confused1::tdown:
  8. Orodruin already post at reference library, our local SA informed her that Graffiti NF delay till March...
  9. Yeah, I saw the post and was hoping for a re-confirmation just in case since TPFers from other countries are still receiving info from their SAs that the entire Graffiti range will launch as scheduled on 2/2/09.
  10. Aiyo, you gals chat too much until the mod has to re-open a new thread for us :lol:.

    Does the delay of Graffiti launch only affect certain countries?
  11. That is what I am wondering as well.:shrugs:
  12. LOL!!! i just realised that this is a new thread! :roflmfao: hehe.. and i just came back home from dfs with my brown box :P
  13. Of course I noticed your absence, thought you're real busy to log in. I know you'll be back.:smile:
  14. :woohoo:

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.