The SIMS 3

  1. Hey does anyone know how to create, interesting staircases... not the conventional straight boring ones, but I was wondering does anyone know how to do something like this (in sims 3):

    Obviously, I dont want it to be that extravagant, but I was thinking of doing something like that for my latest sims mansion/palace thing...

    Thanks in Advance!

    ps. does anyone know how to use that ConstrainFloorElevations False cheat?
  2. Damn It!!! the pic wont load in the actual post, but I got the link here:

    Just look at the images, and you know, thats what I want to create....
  3. I know that there were cheats in TS2 that allowed you to build stair cases with multiple landings, but not so sure about TS3
  4. What has everyone been up to on the Sims lately? I'm just getting back into it and I need some interesting things to do. Has anyone downloaded Riverview? Is it good?