The Simpson's

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    Ashlee spent the day in Malibu yesterday, shopping at Madison and feuling up at the Coffee Bean.
    ASimpson111706_1.jpg ASimpson111706_2.jpg ASimpson111706_3.jpg
  2. Here's Jess

    JSimpson11106_3.jpg JSimpson111906_1.jpg JSimpson111906_2.jpg
  3. She does not look like herself at all! Wow! That nose job must've done it real good!
  4. Nice purses ^^
  5. They both look good, but I'm digging Jess' look a bit more and I love her bag.
  6. Jessica's looking a lot better. They both have great taste in bags!
  7. Ashlee looks like a homeless person...with a really expensive handbag.

    I like Jessica's bag! Is that a B bag?
  8. Jessica looks fantastic!!
  9. More pics of the Simpson's, Mom and all.
    It was a Simpson family reunion yesterday as Jessica, Ashlee and mama Tina stepped out in L.A. for a late afternoon lunch

  10. Is that Ash with the short, ratty hair??? I would have never guessed :nuts: . Jess looks cute though, but not feelin' the hooker shoes.
  11. They both look like they need to wash their hair -- STAT!
  12. I noticed that they share bags, too. (Ashley was photographed w/ the same quilted black Balenciaga)

    Wouldn't it be awesome to have a bag-loving sister like Jess and Ash?, you'd essentially be doubling your bag collection (and possibly your wardrobe)!