The simpsons..

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  1. The Simpsons are everywhere now, promoting the upcoming release of their movie on July 27th. It’s nice to see them do high fashion too!
    Look through the scans I’ve put together and tell me which designer’s page was your favorite and why. Let me know in the comments!
  2. [​IMG]




  3. [​IMG]

  4. That is tooo cute!! I've not seen this before, where did you find it?
  5. I've seen some of them, it's really nice! Versace isn't my favourite brand but the best drawing IMO...
  6. I remeber that from the Harper's Bazaar magazine.

    you know what I was thinking when I first saw that spread? how are we going to find out what clothes we like if they are cartoonized?

    thanks for the real life photos to match this spread. reallly appreciate it.
  7. i love the "fashion spread!"

    i have more than one favorite to just pick one.
  8. omg this is too funny (-=
  9. Thanks for sharing, but the movie was released on July 27th, 2007.
    These are from an older issue of Harper's Bazaar :smile: I do love these pictures though.
  10. Ok so what is up with the Viktor & Rolf? I am not into that weird runway show thing!!! I never did understand it??? Maybe it's just me?
  11. haha waaayy too cute!
  12. i love the hats on top of Marge's blue beehive!
  13. i love that you added the real life clothes!! i'd seen the spread before, but not the "proper" counter parts!! thanks!! i think i like viktor & rolf the most....hehe
  14. saw this a while ago... LOVE them! so funny and cute!
  15. Didn't their movie come out like last year???