‘The Simpsons Movie’ was supposed to be a musical

  1. ’The Simpsons Movie’ was originally set to be a musical.

    Matt Groening, who created the hit animated TV series, has revealed the big
    screen adaptation initially featured a series of “crazy” song and dance
    routines that didn’t make the final cut.

    Groening told British radio station Heart FM: “The first film was originally
    going to be a musical with songs and dances and all kinds of crazy stuff but
    all that was cut out of the movie.”

    The award-winning cartoonist revealed they could make another film with all
    the hilarious scenes they didn’t use.

    He said: “We have an entire second movie that we could have thrown up on the
    screen. We have changed and cut so many things.

    “There is much that you didn’t get to see.”

    So far, ‘The Simpsons Movie’ has made over $236 million worldwide.

    The famous dysfunctional yellow family first appeared on TV screens on ‘The
    Tracey Ullman Show’ in 1987.

    The series is a worldwide hit and has featured guest stars including Sting,
    Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Jones, Hugh Hefner, J.K. Rowling, Britney Spears
    and the Olsen twins.
  2. it wouldve sucked as a musical
  3. ^ITA!

    Loved how it turned out, though. Such a funny movie!