The Simpsons in Chanel!

  1. Yay I finally made the pics work lol. Anyway this is from Harpers Bazaar and I thought it was adorable! :smile: The pics underneath the cartoon is what the dresses/people are modeled after.


  2. That is so cute!! I'm no Simpson fan but this is done very well!!
  3. That picture is great!!! Marge can sure sport her Chanel.
  4. Haha! That's Great!
  5. Thats Great
  6. It;s cute!!!
  7. I see they did that Simpsons stuff with Hermes and LV as well!
  8. :roflmfao: That is hysterical!!!
  9. hahah thats so cute, lagerfeld is done well
  10. LOVE this! I haven't watched The Simpson's in years, but love this pic.:roflmfao:
  11. Homer and Karl are hilarious! :lol:
  12. oh God!!! i LOVE it! it's sooooo cute LOL
  13. I adore The Simpsons and I love this! I knew they did some kind of mock editorial with The Simpsons and Linda E., but I had no idea they did a Chanel picture complete with Karl! Thanks for posting it!
  14. I think Karl is pretty funny!
  15. LOL! I didn't know Marge is a classic type of girl who will like Chanel! Haha!