The Simpsons go Louis Vuitton!

  1. I found this online, and I thought it was kind of cute! The Simpsons Louis Vuitton style!


  2. That is cute. :tup:
  3. Oh and PS it's from Harpers Bazaar August 2007 and the lady with them is Linda Evangelista.
  4. Is it just me who can't see anything?
  5. I'm very confused. :confused1:
  6. Can no one see anything? I'll try to reload the pics!
  7. I can't see anything either.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Still can't see anything...are you doing it right??
  10. hahaha!!!
  11. Oh I see it now. But confused....
  12. Ahhh I see it now! One of them, at least...
  13. LOL yay I finally fixed it! I feel like such a dork now. Anyway I just thought it was kind of cute!
  14. Doesn't Homer look hot? LOL
  15. Here's one more... on the left you can see Homer lugging all of the ladies LV luggage!