the silverado!!!

  1. hi all

    i know many of you have the chloe silverado.
    ive never had one!
    i recently have won a chloe paddy of of a seller and have seen she has a goregeous tan 2005 silverado!
    is it a good bag to get? what are their perks? and how much should i pay for one.
    also please post some pictures of your own!!!:tup:
  2. Being that the silverado is discontinued, I take that as a perk. I love the style of it; it's not your typical bag that you see everywhere. To me, it definitely has a certain flair. I have 2 silverados including a mastic python, which I adore. As for price, I've read that people have gotten silverados in the high 600s, 700s, 800s and up. Depends where you buy from and if there is a huge sale. Now that they are discontinued, you'll obviously find fewer and fewer of them available. Good luck and keep us posted.
  3. Totally agree. Mine from bloomy's cost about $690 after tax and shipping (in Ca). I believe it is the larger size of the silverado's in black leather. I like the silverado because of its style. I also find the outside pockets very convinient to use, for car keys and cell phones. Mine also has a horizontal zipper near the top and another on the outside. Great for lipsticks, sunglasses, sprays....etc. The leather is soft, and really light compared with the paddy.
  4. I have a tan/camel colored silverado that I found on eBay for $365. I had to have the strap repaired but I adore it and get loads of compliments on it too! I think its a fabulous bag - and I also use the outside pockets for my keys and cellphone!
  5. thanks
    there is one on eBay at the min, for abot $600
    its from 2004 and comes witha reciept from where it was purchased,
    here it is





  6. she also had=s this black hobo silverado, i love the both i cant make up my mind which i want!





    what do you reckon?
  7. Oooh i love both! but i think i would go for the tan silverado! the colour is to die for!
  8. yes its a stunning colour!!!!
  9. :drool:oooh,i would go for the tan, both are beautiful but the tan really stands out!
  10. I'd go for the tan as well.
  11. yeah i love the tan its the best out the two!
  12. someone beat me to the tan :cursing:
  13. I have the Silverado in the bronze python large and the natural python large, and I love them. I prefer the Silverado to the Paddington because it's easy to get into and light to carry; the side pockets are nice. Unfortunately, my Tracy seems more durable, even though very heavy.
  14. oooo bronze python im so jealous!!!