The silver/gold spy is HERE!!!!!!! GASP!

  1. Its finally here. I love it. SOOOO pretty. I really don't know which spy to keep now.

    I just got my first chloe paddington in cream in the mail today (used). I think I'm going to sell it to lessen the blow from these bags. :Push:

    I want to keep them both.

    Take a look
  2. Keep them both. They are beautiful.
  3. Oooh, I'd keep them both too, but if you REALLY have to let one go I'd keep the cognac. That's such a gorgeous color! The metallic looks great on you too though, keep both if you can!
  4. Keep both if you can. But if not - keep the honey one. I think you'll get more use of that one.
  5. OMG. Gorgeous!!! Keep them both :smile: Send the paddy to me :graucho:
  6. KEEP THEM BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  7. Both GORGEOUS!!! The silver/gold one is extra special! Love it!! :heart:
  8. i vote for the Honey
  9. I KNEW YOU WOULD LOVE THE METALLIC!!! Isnt it to die for! Im so excited for know I want you to keep it! Keep me posted!
  10. silver silver silver
  11. All I can say is YUMMMM!!!

    Keep them both, FOR SURE!
  12. DEFINITELY keep them both!!!
    Send Paddy away! These are beautiful! :yes:
  13. Def. keep them both! Isn't the metallic just lovely and different? Just a little bit of bling :graucho: :smile:

  14. Yep. I've thought about it and even took my new paddy out to run a few errands......its cute but she's gotta go. I'm going to sell it and keep these two babies. :yes: :shocked: I don't feel for the paddy like I do the spys. She deserves better. LOL. :lol:

    I can't believe myself about keeping two spy bags but I really love them both. I'm just very nervous about finding things to wear with the silver/gold. Turns out that the honey is quite easy to match.

    Any suggestions?
  15. It looks good with what you've got on right now!
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