the Silky SIDE of Vienna REVEALing

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  1. Congrats on no smoking for two months. That's incredible.

    Love your videos and your new goodies. You are so creative. Congrats.
  2. Here is the deleted video in a second version with new music:

    Part 2 of the Reveal:
    opening the 90 carré box
    presenting Surteint/dip dye design Brides de Gala:

  3. WOW, congrats on your new scarf. I was in London this week and they had the carré surteint in every colourway. unfortunately I didn't look at them properly and now totally regret it :cry: they felt incredibly soft....
  4. Oh wonderul Vanmiracle!! Lucky you - lovely scarf I love the feel of the dip dyes. Wear in good health as they say on tpf...and keep up the determination to quit the cigarettes - well done you! Think of the money you won't burn and CAN spend on new H things:yes::tup:
  5. Congratulations VanMiracle! Two months without a cigarette! That's a blessing.

    Your video reveals are so creative!
  6. Butterfly_77Thank you. There will be some left - you will get one and then love on second sight ;)

    Scarf Addict You see spending on new H things works well :biggrin:
    You are right - the 'touch and feel' is very special.

    MiaT Thank you!
  7. Love your reveals Vanmiracle, they are like little pieces of art! :biggrin:
    Congrats on quitting the habit and on your two rewards!!
  8. Congrats on not smoking for these past 2 months!! Love your new goodies.
  9. mrb4bags thank you.

    mearns Thank you. If you are searching for more: I started to collect the movies on one place: HERMÈSTUBE as a Videolog.
    There are about 20 little reveals and every day coming more as I started on a major rework and go over the best episdoes of former Scarf TV on iTunes and reload them with new pics and images and music.
  10. thanks for part two!!! You brightened up a dull and cloudy morning!

  11. LaVan...I forget to say that I love the colour of your wall!!! The scarf too of course!;)

  12. Congratulations, VanMiracle! Nice background song too.:tup:
  13. Happy that I could help :graucho:;);)
    Here it is pooring rain in addition.

    IFFAHThank you.
  14. Sorry Vanmiracle,I'm late for your reveal.Congrats on your new H goodies and for not smoking for 2 months.:tup::dothewave:
  15. Van, congratulations on your 2 months anniversary! It's not easy but you've done it. I used to smoke 3 packs a day at university but I'm finally off it now.... Keep it up!

    You totally deserve these pretty scarves and more. Love the dip dye BdG. Our local store doesn't have them in yet.