the Silky SIDE of Vienna REVEALing

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  1. Handybags :biggrin: "evil sticks" - that was good!

    lovely64 ;)

    hair-mess I might have made up my mind ;) you are right. I hope to see a 'Allday beauty' at the right time. I guess November is a good date for a casual leather buy. We'll see.
  2. ENJOY!

  3. :biggrin: ...

    awesome video, enjoy your new scarf! :woohoo:
  4. Wow Van, huge CONGRATULATIONS for making the decision to kick the cig habit!!! That is awesome and you have my support and admiration! Beautiful rewards, the twilly and BdG, perfectly lovely colors!
  5. This video contains an audio track that has not been authorized by WMG. The audio has been disabled.

    If you watch directly on YT the music might be off

    Ms_Jade, hair-mess Thank you!
  6. Amazing ! Thanks for sharing - I have been waiting to see a dipdye irl.......beautiful. I love how it co-ordinates with your wall - gorgy color!!

  7. You have the best reveal, van! Congrats on the new scarf and I love the background music too. great job!:yahoo:
  8. LoVE THE reveal! thanks for your work Van!
  9. that's a Reveal , loved the video, hope I was good at it too...congrats on not smoking for 2 months!
  10. Thanks I love the youtube vid reveals and your picks are great! I saw you use the ribbon that comes with the surteint?
  11. :noggin::noggin::noggin: I wanted to change the music and deleted the video. I am so sorry!
  12. congrats VAn on the goodies and congrats on the not smoking too,
  13. Really Nice twilly, also CONGRATULATIONS on the 2 months anniversary :smile:

    Looking forward to your 2nd video, really enjoyed the 1st one! Can't wait to see your BDG dip dyed in action ;)
  14. Another cool reveal thread Van!!! Congrats on giving up smoking and on your new goodies!!!
  15. periogirl28 Wow - you watched with great attention! It was a snapshot of DD. My SA put ribbons on her wrist on her bag,... and my wrist. The seem to love to put the Surteint ribbons everywhere. I think it is a nice thing to do.

    bagmoma ;) I like the wall to

    LQYB, flower71, MissMargaux Thank you!

    Marni Thank you, but not half good as your website - I am still blown away. You seem to be the last one who saw the video with music. Then they cut it off! :censor:As I wrote: it is 20 yrs old! How could that matter?? :mad:They should be happy that at least someone plays the old stuff.

    I am uploading the next version already with some other music.
    Took a little bit to change everything and the uploads are taking so long today :couch: