the Silky SIDE of Vienna REVEALing

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  1. Van, you ARE wonderful. Major congratulations! Nothing is better than being healthier. :yahoo:

    Love your video, and the twilly is lovely.
  2. Van! You're vid reveal totally rocks - as does twilly! Congrats and Thanks!
  3. What a great vid reveal. Thanks for sharing and congrats!
  4. congrats on quitting the stick..... :smile:

    thanks for sharing the silky side of vienna:smile:
  5. Congratulations on quitting the weed! That's the best thing you could have done for
    yourself - you definitely deserve a few H goodies for that! Great video, too!:tup:
  6. Congrats VanM! I always enjoy your videos!! Thanks for the enjoyment!

    ps. staying tuned for part TWO!!!!

  7. love this!!!! thanks for sharing
  8. ItalGreyhound & 880 You knew what on my wishlist was! ;)

    skes2002, lovely64, littleblackbag, kat4, L'aviation, Marni, andee, mimi 123, MORGANNG , mavsun, LailaT, robee , gracekelly 1
    VickyB,ladyhermes,Jadeite,bagmoma,LGA82,Sammyjoe,lilyhermes,Poshhoney,ladyjane 963, jmen

    Thanks for joining the party and for all the kind comments on my non smoking project. The ones who told me - that it will be easy after two weeks - they lied! I am positiv to make the 6 months mark - and I tell you: it will be no scarf for that anniversary!, but it is damn hard. So your good thoughts are highly welcome.

    As it is out now here a detailshot with details:

    90 Carre: Surteint/Dip Dye design Brides de Gala
    CW 01 Aubergine/Lie de Vin


    The pictures and movie are taken without flash. I would say it is near to true color.

    Let me get back to you in 3 hours max. - promised!
  9. ¨^^
    you will make it past the six months mark, I am sure of it! Good job so far VanM!! Just keep making these little videos to show us, then you will have your fingers fully occupied and we will have a feast enjoying them!!!

    eta. the videos don´t have to be about H items, I´d love to see anything by you;)

  10. Hey sweetie, HUUUUUGEEEE congrats on your will-power!!!!!
    I am so happy for you!!!! And the scarfs are just amazing!!!!!

    I really look forward to meet with you soon!!!!

    big kiss/M.
  11. Congrats on not smoking! i'm still trying to quit...
  12. pro_shopper Thank you. It is not easy. I can tell. It is my second try. I was prepared. With some little nicotinum pills from the pharmacy it worked for me.

    missmarbella Thank you Sweety! Where did you hide???? I thought you might be of to Dubai or something but there you would have access with your laptop too!!!

    lovely64 :heart:

    Just reviewed the raw material of the Part 2 and found a great old song from Faith no More: Edge of the World from 1989 (can't believe that is 20yrs old)
  13. Vanmiracle big BIG congratulations on giving away the "evil sticks". Gorgeous OpH one of my (our) favourite designs.

    Can't wait to see Part II... where did 20 years go :shocked:
  14. OMG! 20 years! Boooooo;)
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