the Silky SIDE of Vienna REVEALing

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  1. NEW Scarfprofiles coming soon:
  2. Hello Van! Interesting and artistic pictures (as usual) you have posted here! I haven't been visiting your blog for a while (too much working!), but I can see that there might be some things to look at and to enjoy!
  3. @Holsby - Thank you, my dear. I know about the story with too much work. Same here. Haven't been around PF for the longest time. But not long ago I discovered a way to prepare my pictures on the go between meetings with my iPad and it turned out that the iPad pictures are worth showing and sharing.

    (My old blogadresses are not longer available - none of them, because I started a new web-project 2011. There are some old posts included in a small category called 'I LoVe SilK' and that's where I will collect and present the Scarf Profile Collages too.)
  4. Hi Van - I too have been busy, but not too busy to enjoy seeing your thread here! :hugs:
  5. @ lanit - :hugs: and :flowers: thanks for stopping by.
  6. Starting with an actual theme from the SOTD thread, where the blue Week has been celebrated past week:

    Blue Scarf Collection Profile


    Clockwise from top left:
    Kelly en Caleche Vintage Style Silk Carré 70: slideshow, video
    Kelly en Caleche Twilly slideshow
    In the Pocket Carré 90: video
    Coquillages en mosaique Twilly slideshow, video
    Passementerie Gavroche 45: slideshow, video
    En Désordre Twilly slideshow, video
    De Madras a Zakynthos Carré 90: slideshow, video, a special view
    Cachemire Ancien Gavroche 45 slideshow, video
    Jardins des Metamorphoses Carré 90: slideshow, a special view
    Caleche Elastique Carré 90: slideshow, video, a special view
    Mediterranee Carré 90: slideshow, video, a special view
    Coupons Indiens Carré 90: slideshow, video, a special view
    links in my post
  7. Attrape Tes Reves 90x90cm

  8. [​IMG]
    Summer is coming! Time for the cute silk ribbons from Hermès.

    Which one should I wear today?

    24 Faubourg
    Bolduc Twilly
    Capitales (vimeo video)
    Cheval Surprise (flickr video)
    Confettis d Ex-Libris
    Coquillages en mosaique
    En Desordre
    Eperon d’Or (YT-video)
    Fleurs de Lotus (YT-video)
    Hola Flamenca (YT-video)
    Jardin sur le Nil (YT-video)
    Kelly en Caleche
    Op H Twilly
    Pour Sortir
    Rayons X
    Or should I try number 16? The only one that isn’t from Hermès, but the signature Atlas in black by Tiffany’s?
    links to videos on my blog
  9. Van - I love the colorway of your Attrape - I have not seen this before! Please model when you can! As for twillies -what a collection you have! I love the seashell one.
  10. I will post a 'Today wearing ... ' - Attrapes tes Reves for you, when next time choosing it.
    The seashell - is Coquillages en mosaique and was my third Hermes Scarf - a small one, but yet :smile:
    It got a lot of wearing every summer.
  11. [​IMG]

    Hermès SS 2009 Vintage Style Silk Scarf

    links to videos, slideshow, Today wearing on the usual place.
  12. So glad I've found Hermes forum with all the great information! I just started looking into H items and everyone has so much knowledge! Vanmiracle, your scarves are gorgeous, love it all:love: