the Silky SIDE of Vienna REVEALing

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  1. Love the color way of the OP'H, have been looking at that one on the website as the store didn't have that color in yet.
  2. #32 Jul 16, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2009
    Show us..................

    And huge congratulations on not smoking for 2 months, that really is fabulous.

    Just realised you did show us, but I can't see it!!!!

    Sorry had plug-ins blocked, now I see it. Very pretty.
  3. Love the video! Congrats on the smoking ban!
  4. 880, ItalGreyhound, L'aviation, skes2002, kat4 Thank you :heart:

    littleblackbag Maybe the URL to the videolog works for you? Or do you need a flash plug in? HermèsTube
  5. Congrats on no smoking for 2 months! Love your video! Cannot wait for next one.
  6. [​IMG]

    While I am working on the video part 2

    any guesses what I might have in the square box?
    (It is def. a AW09)

    Mimi thank you. I really need this gifts. Without them there would be no sunshine...I am still thinking I will not make it to a real 'I would never touch a cig..'
  7. You can do it Van, BUT hermes is a nice side benefit :smile: !!!!
  8. The Polaires or the Litterature maybe????
  9. 880 I truly hope that it will disapear from my mind one day...
    ItalGreyhound LOL - Sorry - NO!

    Here a tiny hint before I honestly have to get off that screen ...

    Good night!


    If you get bored in the meanwhile:
    There are more scarfs to see on HERMÈSTUBE
  10. I am SO bad at guessing!!! ok my very last try: pique sellier
  11. If you see the pic with the Twillybox one can imagine that the square one is not a 70 but a 90 so

    NO - NO P. sellier
  12. ok so the new brides de gala????
  13. Aw Van - another great reveal. Lovely twilly. I am hopeless at guessing scarves! Really pleased you made it to two whole months smoke free. Congratulations and a HUGE pat on the back for a wonderful lady :heart:
  14. congrats on 2 months smoke free,,,and many congrats on your new scarfs
  15. surteint, BdG, burgundy-navy colorway?