the Silky SIDE of Vienna REVEALing

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  1. Yes please!!!!!!!!!
  2. :d

    Cannot wait! !
  3. Congrats on giving up the evil weed! All the money you would have spent on ciggies can now be spent on H silk!
  4. Can't wait!
  5. great accomplishment VanM!!!!! Good for you!!!!

    (waiting impatiently)

  6. skes2002, MORGANNG, LailaT, lilyhermes, littleblackbag, ItalGreyhound, jmen, andee, Marni, bagmoma

    Welcome to the little NO SMOKE PARTY

    Yes it is not really easy to quit.
    And YES - more money to spend for scarfs
    (I didn't think of saving that much yet ;)
    Surviving and new scarfs was more often on my mind.
  7. ANY GUESS FOR THE little one???

  8. kelly en caleche twilly ????
  9. No
  10. Wild guess: OP'H twilly?
  11. 880, gracekelly, ladyhermes, lovely64, WELCOME !!!


    Here is Part One of the NO SMOKE reveal 1507:

    PART TWO is coming in a few hours. Still working on it.
  12. stunning Van! Just saw the video!!!!
  13. GREAT - will look stunning on you! Congratulations
  14. Vanmiracle,
    This is a wonderful Part 1! I am so happy for you, and cannot wait to see Part 2.
    The twilly is soooo pretty, and I look forward to seeing modeling photos.
  15. WOW that's was really cool!.......