the Silky SIDE of Vienna REVEALing

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  1. Some might remember my little gift I made myself for 1 month not smoking on June 15th.

    AW 09 Vintage Silk COACHING

    On my 2 months anniversary I wore it when I was ready to get me another little surprise for the hard time, after my SA called that the store is full with all the AW designs.

  2. Congratulations on not smoking for 2 months..... that's fantastic!....... what did you get, what did you get??????????
  3. I like the new scarf decoration so much The Scarfs are moving !

  4. Dear Ms. VN:

    Love the COLOR combination. And for your NON-SMOKING, your deserve :tup::tup: Keep-up the GOOD WORK!!!
  5. beautiful Vanmiracle!
    and BIG congrats on quitting the 'dirty little habit' ;)
    now you'll live longer and get more wear out of your scarf collection :yahoo:
  6. I just bought the same scarf yesterday and love it. It ties beautifully. What color way did you get? (I can't tell from your picture.)

    Looking forward to seeing what else you've found and congratulations on two months smoke free. I'm sure that your lungs and your Hermes silks are thanking you for it.
  7. ooh what d'ya get???

    I'm loving that scarf with the ship on by the way.



    Colomb is a wonderful scarf but I didn't buy that one.
    (NOt yesterday maybe next time ;)

    But we are getting closer.
    The store was full with treasures.

  9. Oh no now I have to visit our boutique too. Did you maybe see the Kelly en Caleche in black????
  10. Oh joy, congratulations, cudos, standing ovation, you deserve a pat on the back and more. I hear quitting is no easy feat. My husband did it awhile ago, thank heavens.

    Just think not only will your lungs and innards become healthier, you will save a significant amount of $$. Even if it means a H treat occasionally, it beats lung cancer by a long shot.

    I applaud your courage to tackle the beast!

    Oh and yes, lovely pic!
  11. Gorgeous as always, van.
  12. oh, a live one, waiting to see more:nuts:
  13. What a great way to reward yourself......lets see it!!
  14. Are you really ready for more? ;)

  15. The wall colour goes so well with the orange boxes.... Fantastic!