The Sienna... WHo owns it? What are the sizes?

  1. Who owns the Sienna? What are the different sizes of this bag? Small med large? or just one size? also i heard there is pepple like leather and smooth leather which is better? Can i see pictures of someone posing with thiers on? thanks
  2. I have two Siennas - one in orange and another in Metallic Army. I also just bought a brown embossed floral about two minutes ago on eBay. :wtf:

    The orange seems thicker leather-wise but I haven't used it much so it probably just needs to get broken in. I find that the leather differs amongst Siennas so it's really about finding a colour and leather style you like and taking it from there. Do you prefer the pebbled version or the smooth style? It's really a matter of taste. :yes:

    Just a warning though - these bags are quite heavy.
  3. Take a look at the thread in this forum "Pictures of your Koobas". There are many Siennas I believe, and I think there is even one of me holding my ivory Sienna.