the sides of my diamond shine flap ...

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  1. Hi chanel ladies ...
    I recently acquired a gorgeous black diamond shine flap (that rutheium hardware is AMAZING :drool:) ... and i adore it but i notice that the sides often 'puff' out. I dont know how to explain this clearly but you know how the sides are meant to come in to a V shape? Well, they kind of bulge out.

    Ive affixed some large bulldog clips to the inside to see if i can get them to stay in the V shape but i was wondering if this was just a 'quirk' of this type of bag?
    Im not overloading it so that cant be the reason (im even keeping things to the centre of the bag).

    Any advice? :smile:
    Its not a massive deal - i totally adore this bag, it makes every outfit so chic :heart:
  2. i have the diamond shine and i never noticed it doing that.

    i actually just took my bag out (man, do i love it!) and i see a little of what you mean. the sides v at the top but the bottom puffs out a little. i stuff mine pretty full when i use it so i never noticed before.

    i wish i had advice for you- other than enjoy it! it goes with everything!
  3. thanks hon ... i do love it and im so using it everyday! i love that i can wear it to work ... such a cool bag!!
  4. I have the diamond shine flap in black and in burgundy.....I love these bags, so easy to use for work or play, dress up and dress down and so much fits in it....about the sides not staying in, I just looked and they look fine/ The bottom of these bags is very sturdy, maybe we should store these bags standing up for a while, it could be that laying them down can make the sides stick out a little bit. Congrats on you bag.....:heart:H
  5. ladies,

    please post images of your diamond shine flap for sharing esp if you have it in other colours other than black :smile: