The Sick Obsession Has Started

  1. Why is it when you absolutely can't purchase anything that a bag comes along that you think about night and day? The gold dentelle batignolles & speedy has taken a hold of me. I put it in my cart at elux and just stare at it, thinking about how beautiful it is, how lovely it would look, the delicious caramel leather, how its seasonal and i'll regret it if i dont just buy it.... :wtf: and then i close the elux screen, only to go back in two hours to look at it again and start the whole process over again...

    i love that frickin bag...:drool: tell me i'm not alone. i need some strength......ahhhhhhhhh
  2. buy it!
  3. Buy it!

    lol...we aren't helping much :biggrin:
  4. well it sounded like me a few days ago before I got my framboise agenda! I feel your pain!!! I sware I went to sleep thinking about the stupid agenda! Of course now I have no more obsessing! You know the only way this will stop is if you get it! xx so go get it !
  5. What are the cons? :confused1:
  6. Just buy it, they are beautyfull!!!!
  7. Depends on the reason for the purse ban. If it's financial, do hold off. But otherwise, go for it.
  8. for the bag? there are none, i want it, i want it bad

    however, my niece who will be two needs some speech and language therapy. Apart from the sessions with the pathologist they (the Dr's) want her in daycare for a few days a week. The insurance won't cover the daycare portion of the cost. my sister can't afford it on her own, so I am helping. Her talking is more important to me then the bag, which is why i haven't just purchased it already.

    so I will have to tough this one out...i will just have to visit my bag on elux, lol.
  9. I feel your pain, too. I just recently fell in love w/the dentelle speedy in silver and HAD to figure out a way to get it. I ended up exchanging my recently purchased mini lin dune speedy and multicolor pastilles in order to purchase it. Do you have anything you might be able to exchange or sell to get the dentelle? You won't regret it!:heart:
  10. ah that explains Id say keep it in the bag hopefully it will stay there when you are ready I also have some goodies on my bag too...
  11. Hmm I do understand what you are going through as I have a bag I REALLY want, have the funds but can't get it here at my store:crybaby:
  12. In this case your niece comes first, I'm thinking that b/c of your good heart & generosity, the bag will be yours when the time is right.
  13. Awww! Too nice that you are helping out your sister. I am sure that your good deed will be rewarded by this dream bag or another bag just as dreamy in your future!
  14. I think you should get them! You would rocv them well. :biggrin:
  15. buy them.