The Shrug Club

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  1. Here's a club for owners and admirers of the unusual and discontinued Shrug style. Post pictures here of your lovely Shrugs! Here's mine in 06 Ink:

  2. alright, a shrug club!!!! i have an 05 calcaire, i'll post some pics of her tomorrow.
    love love love the shrug! :wlae:

    your ink is divine jira :tup:
  3. this is MY holy grail...:heart::heart::heart:
  4. as promised...
    05 CALCAIRE SHRUG :heart:
    DSCN1514.jpg DSCN1515.jpg DSCN1516.jpg
  5. Lovely! It looks very soft and broken-in. The Shrug is such a great alternative to the Day -- not as slouchy, but I love that the buckles are on the top/flap instead of at the sides on the bottom. It has a different look from most Bbags, but I think it's still fairly recognizable as a moto bag. Thanks for sharing! :girlsigh:

  6. My all time fave style... the shrug... I really want another in an original color... the hunt's still on... sigh...


    She's originally white:
  7. ^^ May I ask what you dyed your Shrug with?? I have a never worn White one and I am afraid to use it. But if I could revamp it in a couple of years then maybe I will use her. She is really soft and comfortable to wear (in my closet!)
  8. I used Tarrago! There were a few DIY dye related threads floating in the balenciaga care & maintenance section. I read up on a few thorough ones and tried on this shrug. Here's my dye experience:

    Jumping on the DYE wagon, my 'new Chocolate' SHRUG :smile:

    Good luck! (seriously, I don't recommand dye-ing it such a contrasting color... its quite labourous!)

    toety :tup:
    first is natural light, second is with flash...
    DSCN2189.jpg DSCN2169.jpg
  10. ^ woot! another gorgeous Shrug and in RT no less! :nuts:

    keep 'em coming, I know there are more Shrug owners -- share your beauties! :woohoo:
  11. Wow nicole - how super smooshy is your shrug!!! And loving this style in RT.
  12. thanks ladies! :cutesy: this shrug is a sweet pile of deliciousness :P
  13. '06 Ink Shrug. This bag has the most amazing leather!

  14. I finally get to be a member of this elite club!





  15. ^ W:huh:tS!! Another Shrug owner! I love mine, but it definitely doesn't have leather like yours :drool: