The Shoulder Pouch

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  1. A new release that needs it's own thread! The leather on these is so stunning in person, and a leather lovers dream. They are basically the more versatile version of the pouch because of a shoulder strap. Interested in getting the dark brown and am torn between the small and the mid size which is more of a statement. For anyone interested, the small size doesn't really fit on the shoulder but is really cute hand or arm crook-held. The interior is leather just like the pouch and the same delicious buttery effect. The medium size is pretty big but can squish fairly flat to the body. Will add some in store photos for reference.
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  2. Here’s the rust medium and black small. The rust is stunning, as are the browns and tans in general.. and the burgundy

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  3. Love these! Interesting to see them on. So the small one won’t fit on the shoulder?
    I just got the small pouch and the leather is so yummy:heart:
  4. The small fits on the shoulder
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  5. I think these are like most BV hobos. They look better with an outfit that has a slimmer silhouette IMO.

    I agree very much that this version is easier to carry than the clutch style, but the day clutch is statement by itself. I have plenty of clutches and don't use them enough already so... IRL both styles can look messy unless the whole outfit is very carefully put together and minimal. Since I have a quite 'undone' style already I can't think either will work but I can see you are rocking it.

    The rust is a lovely colour. A good choice for the bigger size.

    Don't kill me but I prefer the BV Jodie. It's new (even though it's an old design) and it's similar (hobo) but I'd be too worried about Pouch fever for this one, it's a hefty investment.
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  6. I saw the mini Jodi:heart: It is sooo cute but I think it’s handheld. I love the style, but do with they hadn’t changed the size of the leather strips. It will be interesting to see how it holds up.
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  7. I saw these in the store today as well. They are gorgeous! I tried the small in bianco, and it did not fit on my shoulder. However, I'm a bigger girl and it may work better as a shoulder bag for more petite frames.

    They also had the Pouch rust, and it's a stunning color.
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  8. You’re totally right about the undone style. Smart observation. I like the Jodie also, I worry though that the more open wider weave might be more delicate. The old Veneta bags are also now on my wishlist.
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  9. I’m petite and it doesn’t fit on my shoulder either! But I like the arm crook vibe.
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  10. it seems more delicate, right?
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  11. I’m petite ant it fits on sans jacket only. Interested to see how they break in. I might get the small in brown. The rust small was sold out.
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  12. I wish the medium was slightly smaller. even just 10% smaller. That color will haunt me forever.
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  13. I agree about the Jodi.
    That bag is on my radar to check out!
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  14. Thanks! That’s good to know. They are all gorgeous, but the sizes can overwhelm me. I will have to try a few on:smile:
    They did magic by offering so many colors- they are like candy- it makes you want more than one color of each style:smile:
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  15. I feel the same way. The camel and burgundy I also love.. as well as the black. I have mixed emotions about New Bottega, but it is really sucking me in!
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