The it still around?

  1. are they still making the shoulder for f/w and if so, what colors is it available in?
    i haven't seen one at neiman's or susan in san francisco in a while...:wondering
  2. I am not sure if they are coming out in the new colors but there is a black, white and another color on
  3. They still have a few at Neiman in Tysons Galleria.
  4. Yes, they are making the Shoulder in all the A/W 07 colors.
  5. It's Tues., June 26 @ 10:05 pm EDT and there's a red shoulder on styledrops right now. Don't know if it's Vermillion or's $800.00+ if you're still on the prowl!
  6. how much does the shoulder retail for? i thought it was around $745...

    i'm going to l.a. this weekend and i'm hoping to find one at Barneys there...
  7. Let us know. I'm on a purse ban, but would consider breaking it for a nice tomato or rouge vif purse!
  8. If I am thinking about the right bag, I thought the retail was something like $695 ????
  9. ^^^ You're right, spay, the Shoulder retails for $695. The Makeup - very similar to the Shoulder but without the strap and internal zippered pocket - retails for $495, I think.

    Styledrops usually has a good selection of authentic items but they are also usually higher than retail.
  10. well i went to Barneys and maxfield, and neither had any shoulders (barneys had a black makeup)...

    the sa at barneys said they haven't had a shoulder in a while...

    i guess if i want one, i need to order it from bal ny...

    barneys did have a big good selection of pre-fall colors in SGH and RH
  11. has anyone seen any shoulders anywhere??

    i'm calling bal ny in the morning, but i wanted to see if anyone had seen one at Nordstrom, nm, barneys, etc.
  12. I saw what I think was a Sandstone Shoulder at Amaree's in Newport Beach. 949.642.4423