The "SHOPPING" sightings recently?...

  1. Has anyone seen the "Shopping" style at their local Neiman Marcus or Balenciaga retailers? It was discontinued last year but I really want one.

    Does anyone know Balenciaga NY current stock of it? I would hate to call them on a weekend...


  2. Do u want to try email to Bal NY to enquiry for this? As for i know, i saw this in our country at balenciaga store.....:smile:
  3. What color are you wanting?
  4. Any...there's a truffle on Diabro but I want to see what else is out there first.

    I'll be calling Bal first thing Monday.
  5. I'll keep an eye out for one!:yes:
  6. good luck! I'm almost certain that you'll find a shopping, it's a style that's not appreciated enough so there'll be some available. I know for sure that there are quite a few here in Paris.
  7. Barney's in Seattle and Beverly Hills each had one a month ago.
  8. I believe Barney's Chicago had one last week too, but I can't remember what color. Maybe ink?
  9. Barneys nyc might be worth a try as well. i know they had one i just can't remember how long ago it was...?
  10. I was just going to mention the one at you find yourself a shopper yet? The shopper style is growing on me more and it also a discontinued style?

    Well, good luck on your search and share the good news with us if you already found one or do find one!
  11. Yes, it's also discontinued as of FW 06 Season. The difficult thing is finding one with amazing leather! I remember my SA at Bal NY sent me a list of their stock and she had the Shopping in several colors but I'm not sure if they've been sold since.

    I'm going to NY perhaps in a couple of weeks then I will look at Bal NY and Barneys' stock and leather selection.

    Will definitely post an update if I ever find an amazing one.
  12. I love the Shopping Tote, I had the chance to buy an Ink one last year and passed on it...still kicking my self over it. I'd settle for any color now.