The Shopping Bags

  1. I like this show! It's like Consumer Reports for women.

    Delivering practical consumer information for those who like to shop, award-winning journalists Anna Wallner and Kristina Matisic take their favourite pastime to new levels, putting a wide range of products and services to the test.
    The Shopping Bags is the one-stop shop for anyone looking to make educated purchasing decisions in today's marketplace. Whether searching for new electronic equipment, stocking the pantry or wondering which vitamin supplements are best, the show provides inside information to help everyone become a smarter shopper. Fun, fast-paced and entertaining, The Shopping Bags tells viewers what they need to know before they buy.

    Canadians, it's on W.

    If you don't get the show, the website lists the products tested.

    For each product, there's five categories:
    What To Look For
    What's Out There
    Our Tests
    After You Buy
  2. i've seen it - i like it too.
  3. Sounds cute. Sadly, the US doesn't get this. The channel sounds like the style network we have here though.
  4. i'm in atlanta with dishtv i get it on syle network channel 115.
  5. oh that show sounds fantastic! I wish I had style network...
  6. OOPS! MY MISTAKE. in atlanta dishtv this is on FINE LIVING CH 113
  7. this is a GREAT show!!
    i love how i don't need to go out and test different kinds of products because it does it all for me!
  8. I've seen them on Fine Living.