the shopbop store!!!

  1. I live near madison wisconsin and i just thought i would let everyone know a little known fact. Shopbop has a store in Madison on state st near the capitol. It carries other brands tthen just the ones on the website, and it is great for getting deals. I shop there all of the time. The store is simply called BOP. I have gotten an ABS shirt originally $250 for $30 dollars on the annual maxwell st days sale. :yahoo:
  2. I've always wondered about the store...I remember reading about it a few years ago. My co-worker went to school in Madison and always laments not being able to shop there directly.
  3. Active Endeavors also has a store in Chicago right by me!
  4. actually, it's just off State St. on Gorham... right? i worked there part-time doing customer service, just before they moved once business for the online store grew (not the store itself, but online) for a few months while i was a student at UW-Madison... i lived on State St. that year, so it was really convenient (until they moved locations, that is)... it's a great little store. i was fortunate for stores like Bop because there isn't much else in terms of fashion... lol.

    i love the maxwell street days sale! one of the things i miss about madison (among many others!)
  5. I love the website, I wish I could live near the store it sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing!
  6. I've been there many times, I have family in Madison. I live in Chicago, so I've also hit Active Endeavors. Gotten great deals at both places:yes:
  7. yes, you are right that it is right off state st. And i am currently a student at UW and am hoping to receive a job there since they may be hiring at the end of summer
  8. Figures I would find out about Shopbop only after I stopped going to Madison to visit a friend. We would always go to State St so I could go to Noodles when I would visit her. Maybe I'll actually make a trip there this year then lol.
  9. i diddn't know that there's an actual store.
  10. I miss Madison. Such a fun city!