**The Shoegasm's of a College Girl--A jamidee Collection Thread**

  1. Amazing collection! You've just inspired me to buy a pair of CL that is not black or nude.

    Oh yes, and I'm so jealous of your legs!
  2. Thanks so much!! I need to buy more classics... :shucks: But I always end up going for the wild ones!
  3. I'm a classic girl. Lots of nudes, blacks, and basics. Only thing is I like the high heels. 5 inch is my daily, 4 inches in low, and I want a 6 inch if possible. (I'm short, I don't have long legs like you.):smile:
  4. get the highness i think those come out to 6.2 in inches :graucho:
  5. i find myself coming here daily just to admire :love:
  6. beautiful collection! im starting up with mine now
  7. Your collection is breathtaking!!

    And these no.299 are awesome!

  8. love these! Great work! Wish i was that bold to glam up my CL.
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    Oh my gosh I have been thinking about these. lol. Purdy color
  10. image-1988202048.jpg
    It's been a while since I've updated my collection. Have a few new acquisitions.

    Turquoise suede dafs
    image-930700770.jpg image-1391052630.jpg image-3488072158.jpg image-2226402271.jpg
  11. image-1509353089.jpg

    Maralena volcano strass
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    Purple suede 8 Mignon 150
    image-1747303534.jpg image-925601498.jpg
  13. That is one drop dead gorgy shoe!!!
  14. image-3792341697.jpg

    RB watersnake Bianca 140mm
  15. your collection is absolutely TDF!! LOVE every pair!!